Because of the urgency of the campaign, the bidding process is simplyfied. Fill the form below to submit your tender. Quotes received in the inbox will be considered official. Manufacturers of the listed supplies will be prioritized over distributors/wholesellers/retailors.

  1. 3 layer Disposable Face Mask (Surgical Grade)  -  Req. 10,000 nos

  2. N95 respirators  -  Req. 250 nos

  3. Hand senitiser 200 ml squees bottols (minimum 50% v/v Alcohol required)  -  Req. 10,000 nos

  4. Hand senitiser 500 ml bottols (minimum 50% v/v Alcohol required)  -  Req. 5,000 nos


Note: specify Your Production capacity of the supplies + Production & Fulfillment time. 

Submission of the bid