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Wideyes Assessment provides an effective way to hire your next rockstar employee!

Employees' Psychology is a bedrock for their Performance, we assess that!

Simplifying the Complex 

The Attributes important for HR can be assessed with very simple graphical reports. They can be used as a first round of screening for potential employees. Quest is to simplify the understanding of psychology and make it available for Recruitment.

Reporting System

The Assessment is completely online. After the Assessment reports of each candidate are E-mailed within 4 working hours, making the process efficient and faster.

The '10Attributes' Assessment

The only Psychological assessment to cater to every professional domain with incredible accuracy and reliability. Just take a questionnaire, it's that simple.

Enabling Psychology; for Recruiters

Assessment reports are pretty much self-explanatory, just refer to the sample reports below.

With the Right Assessment,
Great Things Can Happen

Reducing the end-to-end hiring cost significantly with lower Attrition rate.

Choose a Plan, That Works for You.


The Assessments helped us in shortlisting candidates and got our retention rate improved to an unprecedented level. It is easy to work with and does not need the psychology knowhow. 

CEO, Boongg.com

Support is very quick and reports are sent out within a few hours. Reliability has been amazing. Cost is an interesting factor because the reports are conclusive for every domain and cost is very competitive. 

Headhunt Consultancy 

Company is very innovative with the services and continues to drive research and development. great to be a part of such an immerging field.

COO, Street-mart 


Introducing A Better Way to Hire

With the Assessments, We have observed a 3X improvement in employee loyalty and Attrition rate on top of reducing end-to-end hiring cost. 

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